A last minute addition


Sometimes, you learn a few new things due to necessity. Like learning to drive a car for example……..Frankly, I am not too enthused about learning to drive a car but in order to be independent, I need to.

I have also learnt while experimenting in the kitchen that mixing up a few ingredients which I have not worked with previously gives an entirely new taste which is not that bad! Like yesterday night for example, we had a guest over and as usual appetisers were pretty last minute. I had wanted to make some fish cakes but the paste smelled a bit iffy so had to chuck it in favor of some lamb keema balls. I usually bake a batch of them so me and S can have it over a couple of weeks.

Usually they are pretty moist but this batch was a bit dry maybe because I had not added the usual set of masalas but was trying out Shan’s BBQ Seekh kebab masala. Anyways, to counter the dryness, I decided to make some tzatziki. Then i realised that I was out of curd! And no way, S was going out in the snow to get a new tub for me!

After rummaging through the refrigerator, I found some cream cheese, cucumber and mayo. So decided to mix it and see how that goes….and voila, I ended up with a very tasty dip which went perfectly with the kebabs!

And the guest was of course very happy with the tasty spread before him!


Appetisers: Lamb Balls, Lamb dumplings

Main: Chicken Dum Biriyani

Chutneys: Onion Raita, Pickled Onions

Dessert: Sheer Kurma, Rice Paper Sweet Paan(a new experiment)



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