Moving forward………..


I have never found myself at a loss of words to put forth what I am feeling and what I want to express but recently I have found that I am lost… is not that I am reading less books than before or i am conversing less but everytime I take a pen to paper or in this case, start typing – I lose track of everything I want to put forth across. I feel that I need to start carrying a small tape recorder around with me to which I can talk to everytime i have these brilliant ideas going through my head!

I used to be a major blog writer – have had atleast 4-5 blogs, each an online diary chronicling my life over the last 10-12 years. I have had anonymous friends reading my blog and appreciating my poetry skills and prose. But when I asked a close friend’s relative to have a look and give me tips to improve my blog(she has a very successful politicio blog on her own), lets just say that it has been 2 years and she has yet to get back to me – this after a couple of reminders. People close to me have never been very encouraging – infact i had someone remark recently that what the hell was i thinking when i wrote a few of my thoughts instead of just posting a recipe???????? It does hurt when I think of such negative remarks. The only ray of sunshine is my partner S here – in fact he is a little sad that I have not been updating my blog recently!

You must be wondering why I am suddenly being so open about my emotions on my blog. All I can say is, I needed to get this off my chest and move forward! I realised that these things have been holding me back in some way – maybe because I have’nt expressed this to the concerned individuals………

Having said that, I plan to be more active on my blog, improve my photography skills and post more recipes of the food I love to cook and eat!


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