A few new things……..


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I have been extremely lazy for the last few months in updating my blog – mostly because of my work load  which did not show any sign of slowing down until very recently. But all this while, I have been trying and experimenting with different dishes as I cannot eat the same thing all the time! My husband has become so used to this that anytime i suggest we go out, he says that I might as well make it as i have everything at home to make that dish!!!!!!!!! Yes, I have been stocking up on my sauces, spices and marinades along with other ingredients to make all the different things that I drool over in others blogs or which I have tasted at some restaurant!

I can say that at this time, I have everything i need to make chinese, vietnamese, indian and korean dishes, so you can imagine the vastness of my pantry! 🙂

So while I decide what next to update, have a look at some of the dishes i have made in the past year………


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